Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 9

Wow so I just looked back at my sent mail and realized that I messed up my dates from week 4 onward. So here I am up to date with Week 9!

Basically, I can't believe we're leaving. It really hasn't sunk in yet, but as someone said (it believe it was you, Mom) it feels like serving two separate missions. MTC Mission, done. Chile Mission, here I come! But still so much to do. This past week has been pretty crazy, and I'm really glad I get to call home on Monday, so I can explain in greater detail everything that's been happening.

This morning was quite the adventure! For the past week or so, I've been pretty sick. I've spent all day everday coughing up colorful stuff, and the past few days I've had a fever. Why I didn't go to the Clinic sooner I'm not really sure. It's hard to find the time to do things for yourself (including doctor's visits), and until having permission from the Doctor, I wasn't going to just let up from my schedule. But by and by I made it there last night a few minutes before closing. The first thing the nurse said was "please tell me you're not leaving on Monday," and I said, "Okay. I won't tell you if you don't want me to." She couldn't do much for me at the 11th hour other than give me some suggestions and send Elder Phelps and I to the pharmacy at the BYU Student Health Center. So we went, and it was BIZZARRE being in the outside world. Especially in places so familiar to me. Anyway, that was last night. This morning I stopped by the front desk here at the MTC and they sent me to Urgent Care (since it was then open) and they perscribed me a Z-Pak. So we walked back to the front desk at the MTC, they called a shuttled, and we took a ride to the Rite-Aid on State Street (again, super weird being outside. I just realized that to the rest of the world, this story isn't very exciting at all and going to buildings to get things is what normal people do, but it was a crazy experience for us after being in the same permimeter for 2 months!)

Okay so it's now Sunday. Yesterday was insane and nobody in our district was able to finish emails, letters, or anything. So I apologize to everyone. But I thought'd I'd send what I have now as well as a brief hello here to let you all know I'm still alive. Mom and Dad, I will talk to you tomorrow! Can't wait!

Elder Wilcox

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