Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Chile!

Todos los misioneros a la conferencia navideña
 Me as a small Elder. A Smelder.

Me and my pecan rock.
Me and my hot ride.
                                                                Breakfast with Elder Tanner
This morning, Elder Salas and I met with Elder Tanner and De Leon in Maquehue with a bunch of Sisters from the area. I'm not sure why it was organized or whatever. But I do know that we all made french toast, and it was delicious. This is Elder Tanner cooking
I really was enjoying it. I was just caught off guard in this one
All of us, plus Gabby, a super recent convert of Sister Oliver and Lissandrello
Ready for another afternoon at the coast
All the food we received Christmas Eve from Andrea and Hermana Cornejo Veliz

Elder Salsa, Master Chef
Our Christmas dinner
Feliz Navidad, Elder Wilcox!
Elder Salas enjoying his Christmas spoils

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