Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Still Hot

It's still really hot. Like in the 100's still, but I've gotten pretty used to being sweaty now so it's okay. I'm glad you had the idea, Mom, to send more shirts, cause these short-sleevers are getting nasty fast. Los Angeles is seriously such a furnace haha. But it's fun.

This week was a big 'ol roller coaster. We had, I think a world record for fallen lessons, no shows, etc., but we also found a lot of great potencial investigadores, families even, and some that we think are truly prepared. So this week's harvest will hopefully reveal the fruits of last week's planting.

Mother dearest, I just want to tell you that you were right about everything you ever told me about cleanliness and household chores. The last few weeks I've been really getting into cleaning the house, and have done some really deep cleaning as well, and it feels great. The bathroom and kichen now are spotless. The only frustrating thing is that after one week, there always filthy again! Now I understand, Mother, why you were always concerned about cleaning things, because they NEVER STAY CLEAN! But it's a good lesson for life. I also love making my bed now, because it just looks so sloppy all undone. I remember also ridiculing you a lot for wanting the house to be spick and span with dishes put away and what not before leaving on vacation. I thought it was an absurd practice. But now, after a long and tiring travel to and from Concepción for ZL councils and other things, it's so frustrating coming home to a dirty house when all you want to do is relax. So Mother, I just want to say, you were always right, and I'm sorry I never understood.

So the mission is really wonderful in every sense. As missionaries, our lives change while we help others change theirs. Irony.

So I'm with a new companion now. Elder Badger has moved on to Victoria, a little farther south. Now I'm here with Elder Bonnett, who I watched be born in Temuco Cautín while I was there. He has almost one year in the mission, and he's a fantastic missionary. He's got a lot of faith, a great, happy-go-lucky attitude, and he gets along great with everybody. He's from Lindon, UT and went to school at San Diego Mesa college where he played baseball. He has a cool story about how he decided to come to the mission based on an experience he had while reading Joseph Smith History. He prayed a lot to know if it was all true and received a powerful witness from the spirit that it was, and although he never wanted to go on a mission before, in that moment he knew he needed to go.

So we're having a lot of fun together and working hard. The zone right now has taken a few hits but we have great District Leaders and we're working closely with them to pick ourselves up.

That's all for this week. I'm healthy and happy. The church is true. The book is blue. And Christ is our Savior. What could be better?

Elder Wilcox

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