Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 6

Seriously! Time is flying by here! I can't even keep track of it anymore. I guess I have like 4 weeks or less to go. Yeah, that's right. But just when I think time can't go by any faster, it does!  These two years are going to be over in no time, and it already makes me sad!  I want to thank you all (mi querida familia), from the bottom of my heart for all your words of comfort and counsel.  They truly brightened my week.  I thank God many times a day for the blessing of such a wonderful family.

Heather, have that baby already!! Although, if it came on Halloween, I wouldn't be too disappointed :) I hope you're doing alright and hanging in there. I love you! Thank you for your letters!

Ashley, you have no idea how much I love to hear from you. It lifts my soul so high. I've always known you have a very quiet dignity about you, but to be able to hear your testimony and counsel in your letters is something I really cherish. You are such an example to me of faith and charity. AND SANTA VACA I'M GLAD YOU'RE OKAY! My heart stopped a little bit when I read Mom's letter. What a crazy experience, but I'm glad everything's fine now.

Jennifer and Sterling, your letters are like pure gold. Both of you having served missions and being able to give me very personal advice is so awesome. I don't just read your letters; I devour them (maybe a French word?). And thank you for all those stories about children. We went to the Temple this morning, and I was thinking about angels and the thinness of the veil the whole time. Really cool stories :) Tell Eeen that I love him and miss him.

Mom and Dad, thanks for keeping me updated on the Sing Off! Glad to hear Vocal Point's hanging in there, and can't wait to hear them when I get back. Dad, I'm glad you're going to Spanish classes. I think that's really cool, and it makes me really happy :) You better be fluent by the time I get to call home! :)  Mom, Thanks for the addresses!! We're pretty short on time today, since we didn't make it into our usual Temple session this morning, so I might not have time to write the Bishops or Corey today. But I will try to as soon as possible! My friends are always welcome to write me first! :) Thank you for sharing that missionary experience with me. Way to be bold!

ANNA! I promise I don't hate you! I sent you a letter last Friday, that I could have sworn I put a stamp on.... But apparently not, and it just came back to me yesterday. Yerp. I'll send it again today along with a new letter. Sorry!

Zach Taylor is here! I saw him when he got here on Wednesday, and guess what! He's on my floor! Right down the hall. I see him every day! And it is so good to see him, I'm super proud of him for making the decision to serve the Lord. There's no place God would rather him be right now.

Class has been sort of interesting this week. One of the lights in our classroom has some kind of short in it. At first it just strobed for a few hours (Bailar. Bailer.) and then went out completely. However, every few minutes, it flashes. So in the midst of our dark room, we get what seem like occasional lightning bolts. All it lacks is the rain and thunder, but it does give us an unusual ambience. The showers here are as moody as ever. The first few days, I thought they were all
just eternally cold, but as it happens, in order to get a nice hot shower, the knob must be set just a little towards Cold. Obviously.  Not too much though, as Seinfeld says, one centimeter is a thousand degrees! The one shower that actually has significant water pressure rather than that of a dripping wet rag, we call the Celestial Shower.  It's almost always warm, however you have to be careful. Every now and then it will dump a little bit of scalding hot water on you. Luckily, it makes a sound before it attacks. Much like the monsters in The Village. However this sound is something akin to an industrial rendition of the 20th Century Fox drumline.

All joking aside, the MTC is wonderful. Very tedious at times, but I'm keeping a positive attitude. We're learning a ton every day. The Spanish is coming quickly, and our lessons with our investigators continue to improve. (Kleyber is actally reading the Book of Mormon now, and isn't just getting baptized for his mom anymore!).   

Que Mas..?

Oh! All of you should watch the "I'm A Mormon" video with Brandon Flowers. He's the lead singer of the hugely successful band "The Killers." He was inactive for some time, and I don't know if he's super active now, but he decided to make a video about how the Gospel has affected his life. It's super cool! Check it out!

A man named President Sweson stopped by our room last week one evening. He just got done being the Mission president in Concepcion South a few months ago!! He told us a lot about it, and how awesome the new President is. He also told us to say hello to a woman named Ingrid when we get there, who will cook our first meal in the Mission Home when we arrive! Can't wait!

Okay, now I'm really really out of time. One more request! Can you send me perhaps some kind of coloring book that contains pictures of everyday things, people, etc.? I'm trying to expand my vocabulary, but I learn better when I can associate words with pictures to study.  Thanks! Also, I got your package, Mom! I haven't opened it yet, but Iam super excited to do so!

Well, I love you all, and you are in my prayers. The Gospel is true!
Christ lives! Go tell someone!

Elder Wilcox

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