Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Elder Salas Becomes an Abuelo

Yep! It's oficially oficial! I'm pregnant and will be giving birth this Wednesday! I'm really excited. Well, excited and scared (name that show). And it also means that this week is going to be a little crazy as tomorrow I have to travel yet again to Concepción, spend the night, and Wednesday morning pick up mi hijo, sea latino o gringo. That also means that I'm really short on time today, as we're in Temuco right now be we have to hurry and head to Pto. Saavedra to spend the day with Andrea and Fernanda! Woohoo! Elder Salas did his goodbye's yesterday which meant we ate a TON. We had lunch with Andrea and she served us two plates of lasaña with potatoes and tomatoes and palta, followed by a HUGE chunck of watermelon. Afterwards, we headed to teach Marisol, who served us apples and two pieces of pie. Directly afterwards, we headed all the way from the top to the centro to meet with Orfelina, a delightful member and her investigating husband. They served us pastel de choclo followed by ANOTHER huge chunk of watermelon. At this point, walking was pretty hard, but we had to climb back up again to the upper part of Carahue to the house of Andrea for a lesson with her sister!! (more of that in a second). There, she served us a few Chilean pancakes (like crepes) filled with manjar (like caramel, but from sweet and condenced milk or something). We were hurting pretty bad. It reminded me, Dad, of that experience you had in your mission with several dinner apointments back to back.

Okay, so! We've met a few times in the past week now with the sister of Andrea! Andrea started talking to her about her experience (she wants to convert her whole family. Sometimes she's more missionary than we are, it's impressive.), so through her we set up an appointment to teach her. Her name is Aracely. She's almost 24, has a little bittie boy named Ángel, and lives with her boyfriend Leo, and she is incredible! Seriously, she's even more prepared than Andrea was. Well, maybe not more. But in a different way. Anyway, in one week, she has received all the gospel lessons and now we're starting into the commandments. The other day, we asked her in a lesson out of curiousity in her progress, "Have you prayed to know that the Book of Mormon is true." She hesitated a moment, then said, "It's just that..I already know it." Already, she has a powerful testimony, and you can see the sincerity in her eyes and hear it in her voice when she tells us thankyou for passing by and teaching her more about the Gospel. It's incredible to me that the random person we contacted in December is now baptized along with her daughter, and now we're teaching even more of her family. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Well, I need to cut it short. I wish I could talk a lot more about everything. But next week we'll talk! In Carahue, with my kid! Woohoo! I love you all. Thank you for writing me.

Elder Wilcox.

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