Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Last Decisions

I name it that because this is my last week of training, my last week with Elder Salas, and my last week before training. Yep, we have received word (more or less, in the form of an email to Elder Salas from the President saying, "make sure your companion is ready to train") that I will be giving birth to my first child in the mission next week. I hope it's a latino! Because there are still situations where I don't understand things. But I have faith!

A few things first:

So, one of the things I lost with my wallet that fateful day was my temple recommend! So I'm working with Pdte. Martinez on getting a new one, but I'm not sure where I can find a plastic recommend protector thing like I had. Can you send me one whenever it is you send me another package? No rush, but when it's convenient.
Other requests together with a future package - a few sharpies - like the fine point ones. Mine's starting to wear thin. Also.....Reese's cups. I miss those things like crazy. That's all!
Also, when I left the MTC I left a suit behind along with a shirt and some things in a box ready to send. I gave the task to the other Zone Leader to send it home to Georgia since I wasn't going to be able to do it before heading out. Did that suit ever arrive? That would be a shame if not. I doubt the Elder I gave it to failed to complete the task, he was honorable.
One more thing: I request photos of Ethan. I have many wonderful photos and videos of Elise and Alexis for which I am very grateful, but I wanna see the E-Man too! That is all :)

Corey - It is SO good to hear from you! I understand you're super busy, so no worries, but it's super good even just hearing about the little stuff from your lives back home. That's crazy about Jacob! But I'm glad to hear he's alright now. Keep being awesome, keep learning and growing and putting your faith in Christ. I love you man, and all you peeps back home!

Dad - Haha yes, I am now thankfully able to share my personality more with Elder Salas. We're crackin' jokes and laughing now. But man at the beginning was it tough. Especially for him, I can only imagine. Dadio, never think your letters are useless to me. I absolutely LOVE reading them and hearing about your life, no matter if things are exciting or slow or in between. Thank you for always writing. I love you, Dad.

Ashley - Thank you for you letter. Glad to hear things are going well and your trying out the singles ward! Way to try something new :) You're letters are always a support to me.

Mom - Glad to hear your terribly busy and stressed and that everything's normal for you ;) The Spanish Lake huh?? I wondered when you mentioned that last week what on earth you were talking about. Very cool concept! I too am interested in the history of where I am, but I only wish I had more time/resources to learn it! I love you much and I'm going to start praying more specifically for the success of your projects and especially the trilogy. I know you do the same for me in my endeavors.

Heather - HAHAHA your letter made me laugh out loud. Oh the adventures of parenthood. I can only imagine... Hang in there, it only gets better (life, that is, so they tell me. I don't know who they are). Thanks much for all the pictures. We showed Andrea pictures of our families the other day and she loved seeing Alexis, especially the pro photos from last year. You're right about our Father in Heaven. I screw up all the time, even in the mission, and yet he always patiently and lovingly forgives. I can only imagine the love he must have for his children.

Anna - I'm glad to hear everything is going better, and that you set some KILLER goals for the week. Truly, I'm proud of you for knowing and applying that which really counts. I think a Huminatarian trip sounds awesome! Also, I sent your letter! It should be arriving within the next few days. Be on the lookout! Thank you for writing. Talk to you soon :)

Jospeh - I never responded officially to the news! HOLY COW!!! THAT IS SICK! Y también, vamos a poder hablarnos en Español, el mejor segundo idioma en el mundo! Estoy muy emocionado por ti y por todas las experiencias increibles que vas a tener. Prepárate bién, porque solo tu puedes cambiar las eternidades de las personas a quines vas a enseñar. Que Dios te bendiga y te ayude en cada cosa para que te vayas y sirva con todo tu alma, mente, corazón, y fuerza. Estamos en contacto hasta que te vayas. Cualquier cosa o pregunta que tengas, me avisas. Chao

Ugly tie day at Distri-Zona meeting.
In honor of PaloVerde High School, and a girl I knew who went there.
All the rest are from today! The other day, we were in a lesson with one of our investigators who is quite the sportist, and she told us of a waterfull slash creek outside of Carahue up in the hills, so we said we have to go. So we did! It was her, her sister, who is also learning about the Gospel, Elder Salas and I, the two Elders from Nueva Imperial and 3 members of the church there. It was an absolute BLAST! You know how much I love to explore and adventure, so it was wonderful after so much time finally being able to satisfy my thirst for the wild. But now, I am absolutely exhausted! 'Twas a good P-Day. On the note of the thumbs-up, that's so weird, but you're totally right! I looked at my pictures and sure enough. How strange, I think it's something I picked up here in Chile, but I'm not sure where, when, or why. I need to think of some other poses! Thanks for the thumbs up heads up! 

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