Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 8 in Lagunillas

And there is no earthly way the time has gone by so fast.

Some things:
1. I did in fact get the package! Thank you many muches! I had fun sharing the special oreos with everybody, and they kept asking me if it was my birthday. I had to keep telling them that they weren't reading right. It was Oreo's birthday, obviously. I also enjoy wearing my Soy un hijo de Dios pin at every conference and at Church every Sunday. And I am especially enjoying the dulce de leche cheerios. Muy rico! So much, in fact, that they made me think about all the other delcious cereals in Gringolandia that they don't have here. So I have a request! If it be possible, could you send me Smart Start? It really is the most delicious cereal I have ever encountered, in the States or in Chile. Thanks!

2. Other requests: So my watch (my best friend. My beloved Casio. My one and only) finally went the way of all the earth. Or rather, the way of having to be duck taped, because the band broke. So could you send me another one? If I'm not mistaken, they're sold in the K-Mart in the Braelinn shopping center. It's the model F-105.
Also: Remember how I had a CD case filled with dvds of p90x? Do you know where that is, and if so, can you send it to me too? (We have permission to do P90X in the mission so I want to take advantage of that. I'm getting rusty).
Lastly: I request printed photos, if possible. I suppose I could do it here, but it's a little bit more complicated, and more expensive. So new ones of the fam would be awesome, like with the nieces and nephew and such.

3. I was thinking about the last movie I saw before the mission, and I can't for the life of me remember what it was, so if anyone remembers or has any idea, let me know, and I'll feel more at peace.

Okay, so this week as District Leader really wasn't too different, not to mention my district is only us and one other sector, so four missionaries in total, but it's still been a good experience. I like teaching a lot, so it's nice that I get to prepare classes for our District meetings based on the needs of the missionaries. I'm getting an idea of what Elder Salas felt like too when he was dictrict leader, although his job was a little bit harder, with more missionaries and a trio of sisters that did not get along. All in all, I'm happy, and excited to keep serving in this position and hope I can help all of us (myself included) to be better missionaries every day.
This week was a little rough, and not as insanely success filled as the last week. But it was a week of miracles, and we were able to progress a ton with several investigators, and we're now teaching the grandma of Daniela as well and we're going to try to invite her to be baptised along with her granddaughter. We've got a ton of potential for the week of july and my hopes are high.
The only disapointment (but in reality it's definitely for the best), is that Lorena was not baptised this Saturday. She didn't pass her baptismal interview as she still has a few things to work through that she hadn't told us (still not sure what it is. Hopefully she tells us today). What is interesting to me though is that this week I've realized the importance and inspired nature of interviews in the religious sense. When we all finish our mortal journey, we'll have to give a report to God about the things we did and didn't do while here on earth. We will all be accountable. The baptismal interview (and any other interview in the Church), is a lesser version of that same principle. It is the opportunity to report on our progress and give testimony before an authorized representative of the Church (fulfilling the scriptural requirement outlined in DyC 20) that we have repented of our sins and are willing to move on and make covenants with the Lord. The principle of interviews is just one more testimony to me that this church is true, and the doctrine inspired. Imagine it, if it weren't for that interview, perhaps Lorena never would have been baptised, or perhaps she would have done it without truly being worthy of taking upon her the name of Christ. So, although not having a baptism was a little disapointing, I am happy that Lorena understands the importance of these things and is willing to keep striving to overcome her weaknesses and repent. And when she does, her baptism will mean all the more.

Well, that's really my only story for today. This week I will try to focus on more things that are astonishing. I am still, after all, learning how to recognize all of the miracles that happen everyday, and sometimes I go too long without recognizing them.

I am, however, astonished by all of the marvelous news from my marvelous family (and Anna. You are always included). I know I always say it,  but it's because it's always true: Your letters make my week every week and I love hearing from you (and that includes you, Ashley. Never think your letters are less important to me than others. I love hearing about your life, no matter if you're in Italy or in Dad's office. Thank you for always writing :) ) I am astonished by the blessing of having the loved ones that I have. Next week I think I'm going to try to respond a little more directly to your emails (but to hold me to it!).
Well, I leave you all with my testimony that this work in which I am involved is the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Sé que ésta es la iglesia de Jesucristo y que él a restaurado el evangelio en estos últimos días por medio de un profeta viviente. Sé que nuestro Padre Celestial nos ama, y es por eso que él manda a tantos jóvenes cada día a salir a predicar estas buenas noticias a todos sus hijos, para que todos nosotros seamos rescatados por medio del buen pastor, sí, Jesucristo, el hijo de Dios. Sé que el vive, y que estamos en la verdad, y lo comparto con ustedes con mucho amor, en el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen.

Much love,
Elder Wilcox

P.S. My scripture that I will now choose for my plaque will be: Alma 22:15. These words, spoken humbly by King Lamoni's Dad are some of my favorite in all the scriptures. We don't necesarily have to give up all that we have to receive great joy, but we must be willing to do so, to give anything and everything to God to be truly happy.

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