Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Sick of Lagunillas

Nah, just kidding. I'm only sick in Lagunillas, but I like being here. This week was good, although a bit challenging since I woke up on thursday morning feeling awful with a cold I had developed, and on top of the cold symptoms, a terribly painful stomach for some reason that didn't let me move much. It stole all of my - i'm not really sure what the translation of this word is in English - ganas to work, and our week suffered as a result. I was tremendously greatful, however, for a wonderful comanion who was worthy, ready, and caring enough to have given me a priesthood, directly after which I felt better and we left the house and worked the entire rest of the day without any problems. It really was a miracle, as the stomach pain didn't really go away, but some how became very much bearable, and stopped bothering me completely, although it was still there. It made me think of the people of Alma in the wilderness, when enslaved by the Lamanites. When they prayed and sought the Lord's help, he didn't take away their burdens, only made them light upon their shoulders, so that they could bear them easily, and on the morrow, said the Lord, he would deliver them. I love that the restored Gospel teaches the true nature of the Atonement - that Christ doesn't do everything for us, but rather through his grace, that enabling power of his sacrifice, we do all we can (which is never enough) and then he gives us strength beyond our own to do the rest. 

I suppose, however, that the Lord has at least one more trial for me though before he delivers me, because this morning, upon waking, I had pink eye! Yay Jennifer for sending me your conjunctivitis! So now, I'm trying to wash my hands as often as possible and get ahold of Hermana Martinez for further instructions. I've never had pink eye before, and while it's not the worst thing in the world, it's not fun, and I just want to WORK! But I'm not complaining, I know that I've got it really quite good. Haha I laughed about that first world problems comment from Heather. It's pretty true. There's always someone less fortunate than you. 

Thanks for all the updates on the family. So fun to hear about all the goings-on in the Wilcox (and Hales) world. And thank you SO much for the pictures! I really love my nieces and nephew so much. Can't wait to get to know them better. 

 As for the progress of souls here in Lagunillas, things are going super well, all things considered. If everything goes well in these next few weeks, it looks like we'll have three baptisms in the month of June, which is fantastic considering this is only our first cambio together and we opened the sector. So we're really happy and excited. Elder Perez continues to be a huge example to me and I love having him as a companion. (You'll be interested to know that Elder Perez is studying classical guitar performance in an observatory in Mexico, so he's quite the wiz, and we like talking about music together. He even shares my appreciation for Anton Bruckner's beautiful chorales). I'm also happy to hear from Elder Ramirez that everything's going super well in Carahue too, and they might be opening up a extension of the branch in Puerto Saavedra soon! 

So basically, I'm sick, but I'm happy, cause I'm a missionary, and it's the best thing in the world. I love you all and I miss you very much. Especially you Anna, I've been thinking a lot recently about you, and thank you bunches for the reminders of inside jokes, that made me lol. So happy to hear that everything's great in Gringolandia. Muchos saludos a todos (a G&G too!) 

Much love, Elder Wilcox

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