Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lota - Mapudungun, Louta, Little Farmhouse

Buenos Martes!
First things first, answers!
Dad, Lota is actually a branch that is part of the District of Coronel. The Branches of Coronel are: Arauco, Lota, Coronel, and Camilo. However, for mission purposes, Lagunillas is also included in the mission boundaries of the Zone of Coronel (my zone), even though that ward is technically part of the San Pedro Stake. So in total, our Zone is comprised of the following mission sectors: Arauco, Lota Bajo (us), Lota Medio (same house as us), Lota Alto, Coronel (district center), Camilo 1, Camilo 2, Lagunillas 1, and Lagunillas 2 (although for one more week there will only be one sector in Lagunillas with the trio, until my replacement arrives), for a grand total of 9 sectors, being one of the biggest zones of the mission. We do in fact have our own beautiful chapel, and they're currently working on building a little football court next to it. Between 100-120 members attend here regularly, right about where Lagunillas was at. Lota's fun because it's a town, just like Carahue, only much bigger (about 49 thousand inhabitants, so you can get an idea), but still with that small-town feel. Lota has a ton of history. It apparently used to be the cultural center of all Chile, due to its large mining industry. However, when coal prices fell, the economic boom here crashed and Lota was left in the shadows with just the history of its glory years that still twinkle between these hills. (Yes, Lota has got plenty of hills, so I'm getting a nice old fashioned work out again after a nice break with the bicycles in modern Lagunillas).

My adress is Avenida Pratt, No. 1, Something something, I don't remember. But we live in an apartment complex at the end of that street.
My companion is from Bucaramanga, Colombia, and has about 15 months in the mission. He is a fantastic missionary and in only one week I've already learned a ton from him.

Well, I had planned to write a lot more about him, my experiences this week, etc., but we're actually writing late, it being tuesday, because yesterday we had to spend the whole day in Concepcion for various medical things for my recently infected toe and Elder Aparicio's bad knee that had to get MRI'd. So I'm going to have to cut it here, but I promise to write more next week. Know that I love you all and always think about you (in a not trunky way). I pray you have a fantastic week and that everyday we all become a little bit better through the Gospel of Christ.

Much Love,
Elder Ross Carl Wilcox, Esq.

With my Ashley tie!
With the sticks that glowed
 With the Elders of Lota: (Bajo, Medio, y Alto) after a quick rehearsal for the Branch talent show.
 With my other Ashley tie!
With Elder Aparicio as members of the "Guatón Boys"
 With the rest of the crew
At the show
 My cool new toe infection!
 My wife, son, and Elder Ancco, the trio that got left in Lagunillas
My housemates

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