Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This is for Him

Another week has drawn to a close and another starts afresh. We've been having a lot of success, which we're thrilled about.

I will tell you briefly about Victor and Cinthya.

Cinthya was a contact about two weeks ago, who said she was busy but that we could come back another day. She said she basically goes to any church they invite her to, as she doesn't feel a strong connection with any one in particular. Well, some days later, we tried looking for her, but couldn't find her with the direction we had, almost decided it wasn't worth fussing over, as it wasn't the best contact in the world anyway, and were about to forget about it. Within minutes we found ourselves in front of her house, recognizing a small sign she has out in front. We said, welp, let's go see if they want to listen! We went in and they immediately received us and are extremely prepared to hear the gospel. They went to church this weekend and have a baptismal date for the 29th. Unfortunately I don't have much time to tell you a lot about them, but I will next week.

I am grateful though for the success the Lord has been giving us. This Sunday, as we were on the bus on the way to Church, all I could think was that we do all of this not for ourselves. The converts are for the Lord. The success is His. We just rejoice in the work. That's my testimony for the week. This work isn't ours, it is His.

Sorry I can't write much this week. I'll talk more next time. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Much Love,
Elder Wilcox

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