Monday, June 24, 2013

I Stand All Amazed

and in deep gratitude to be alive at this time.

The Lord has richly blessed us in the dispensation of the fulness of times. He is hastening his work. I can feel it. I don't know how to describe it, but for a month or two now I've had this strange anxiety, a quiet exhilaration, sensing, knowing that something big's about to happen. Not end of the world big or natural disaster big, something positive and personal, that must happen in the heart of everyone. My mission's coming quickly to a close, but I feel like I'm just recently starting.

There is much to do. The field is white. It's so ready, there are so many of God's children that need the Gospel. They pray for it, yearn for it, without knowing it.

I sense that God is pouring out His Spirit upon the earth, preparing us for a rich harvest. Like I said, I can't quite seem to describe what I feel. But it's exciting, and it was confirmed last night by the historical broadcast about the work of salvation.

This work is God's work, and it's for everybody. Typically in the Church we divide it into three parts: conversion, retention, and activation. In the mission Chile Concepción Sur, we've taken an interesting aproach to this. In every sector where there are 4 or more missionaries in one ward, we have divided the work between companionships. One companionship focuses primarily on finding, teaching, and baptising investigators. The other companionship focuses on retaining new members and activating less active members, as well as helping baptise investigators from part member families.

It's been a fascinating, and humbling experience. Elder Hamilton and I are the retention team, and we've had the blessing of being in the homes of many, many saints in this area. What I see is a silent call for help from almost every one of them. As new members, or less active members, they are in trying times, either adapting to a new life as a disciple of Christ, or wandering in the oblivion of inactivity. The saints suffer, and need our Christian help. We can extend to them a warm smile, and offer of service, a phone call, a facebook message, a hug when they attend church, or a simple gesture of appreciation for them being a part of our busy lives. We can pray for them. We can visit them. And most of all, we can love them.

I know that God has placed His Spirit in our hearts so we may realize the many opportunities we have around us to preach his Gospel, to everyone, member or no. I urge you to visit the new section of the church website, entitled "Hastening the Work of Salvation" and ponder in your hearts how you might apply this week some of the principles and practices that are found there.

I know our lives are busy. I admire you, Mom, for your hard work and dedication to family and fans, and for your abiding faith. Thank you, Dad, for your love-driven devotion to your wife and kids. Thank you, Jennifer, for your stalwart example of a missionary mindset in every aspect of your life, and for not being released from the mission when they took your name tag off. Thanks, Heather, for your focus on family, and your hope of the blessings that are soon to come. Thank you, Ashley, for your willingness to serve. I promise you that through your great faith, you will work miracles in your mission and have the blessing of seeing hearts change. And Hamish, well, keep doing your thing.

I'm out of words, at least for now. I'm grateful for the Lord and his atoning sacrifice that makes all of this posible. He alone made sure our way home. This is His work, not ours. And he wants us to participate in it.
I have faith that the ward of Boca 2 will be strengthened, and every ward and stake in Zion will be strengthened when we, individually, understand our part and with diligence do it.

That's all for this week. I love you all and am grateful for you. I hope you have a wonderful week. Till next time

Elder Wilcox

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