Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

Hello again! Yes, we survived the torrent! I don't know how much you all follow the weather here, but we had quite the downpour here on Saturday and Lagunillas became Lagunotas (haha Spanish joke). It started raining Friday night and by saturday morning it was pouring rain with incredible amounts of wind. For a moment the winds were reaching 80 kph. Elder Perez and I attemped leaving to go proselyting early in the day, thinking we would stay dryish, and for about 5 minutes it was fun, and we were right. But after about 10 with winds that pushed us through the streets, we regretted that decision and quickly came back to the house, completely soaked. So after a hot shower (tremendous blessing), we headed to our lunch apointment and stayed about three hours hoping the rain would stop, but it never did. We were even going to do divisiones with a guy from the ward but his dad, who's the second counselor of the stake, told us not to go outside because it was too dangerous. So we called our district leaders and they told us only to go the scheduled lessons that we had. Long story short, we had quite the adventure (as our light and water was cut off for a few hours as well) weathering the storm, and realizing that missionaries can't always be superman, and sometimes even we have to bow to the forces of nature. Thankfully things have calmed down now and the weathers pretty tolerable.

So that's my fun story for the week! I'm really happy to hear from all of you. How's the calling going, Dad? The new grill sounds awesome, and I can't wait to cook up some Chilean specialties on it when I get back. In that little North south nook street you found, we live in the third house from bottom to top that faces sideways. There's like three little houses that are identicle in the nook, we live in the uppermost one. Mom, I'm glad to hear that the book continues to spread and have a lot of success. I want pictures of the printed version! (ps all our investigadores, etc think it's really cool that my mom's a writer who's going to have a published book. And I think it's pretty dang cool too. Thanks for the other book you sent me in email as well haha. But truly, I'm glad you read and could share your thoughts with me. Your emails are always quite powerful and a great strength to me.
The missionary work in Lagunillas keeps moving forward, and we're having more and more success every week. It's still pretty difficult, as I'm not used to working with 4 missionaries in the same house, and there are a TON of distractions. I feel like lately, I've lost a little bit of my edge because of it, but I know I can't blame my effectiveness on others, so i'm going to take it as a challenge and try to overcome it. I feel very blessed (and tried) being here, and i still believe that God has some great things in store for me this transfer if I'm faithful. So I guess right now I'm promising to you all as well as myself that I'm going to do everything possible to take advantage of being in this sector at this time, and try to grow as much as possible. Thank you for all your letters and love. It means very much to me. I miss you all and pray for you every day.

Spirit booster from yesterday: So we had an investigador named Lorena that had a baptismal date for june, but one day, she just disappeared. Like, we passed by her house tons of times, called her a bunch, and nothing. Just gone. So we were super dissapointed and not sure what to do. We worried about her. So last night, upon arriving at the house, we said a prayer, and for the first time truly, really pleaded with God that he would help us find her. He knew where she was and what was wrong, and we prayed that he would lead us to her if it was his will. About 10 minutes later, while we were making a bunch of phone calls, we decided to call Lorena once more, and for the first time, she answered! And we were able to set up another visit with her for Tuesday. I know God answers prayers and also listens to the prayers of all of his children and sometimes answers them through other people, according to their faith. God knew where Lorena was, but he was waiting for us to care enough to ask. And when we asked, we receieved.

Have a wonderful week, and pray always!

Much love, Elder Wilcox

Our neighbor (member of the church, ex-missionary) cutting off the doorknob to the study room of Elder Ahart and Elder Terrón. They woke up monday morning and for some reason the door was locked from the inside, and Brother Gavilán likes to do things extreme, so he brought his gear over and helped us out. We enjoyed a good loud moment, with sparks flying, and the Indiana Jones sountrack playing for extra effect. 
A game called Ninja Warrior that missionaries here are very fond of. We played it after our zone meeting last week.
 Mine pictures!

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