Monday, September 24, 2012

A Great Week in Lota

Hello dearest family! Thank you ALL for writing me this week. Because you all did it and it filled my soul with joy! I also appreciate the photos from Jenn (you all know how much I love your families and watching your children grow), and the celebration in a Mexican restaurant haha. I realize that there's not really any authentic chilean food around there, but thank you for the intent. I was there in Spirit.

So I apologize profoundly because once again I'm going to be really really lame and not write much this week. I do apologize, these last few weeks have just been very busy and complicated. Right now we're in Lebu doing some errands for Elder Wood's Visa so we have to get going home now to get to work! Lots of travel!

It's going really well in Lota and it feels great to be working really hard every day. We've found a TON of new people to teach and we're excited for next month and hoping for a lot of baptisms. This week we've been really focusing on the Restoration as our main finding focus and it's worked really well. It is, after our, our singular message to the world, and this week my testimony of it has grown a lot.

I have a few requests, Mother dearest, mother mine. So today, sadly, I lost my wonderful camelback water bottle that I bought in the MTC, so can I request a new one for the next pacakge whenever it is? It's the kind that has a pop up, bite-down, drinking bit. The bottle is transparent with color, and has like a straw thing inside of it. I think they sell them in Walmart but if not definitely in a sports store like Dicks or something. Also, I think the time has finally come to ask for my other gray suit. The blue one's getting pretty worn out and one of my pair of pants is still sad from having had mold growing all over it (loved that old house). so if it's posible, that would be great to have.

Other things. Mom, I dedicate you a song. You might have to search for it on Itunes or something, but it's called Bless my Son by Nashville Tribute Band and it will make you cry.

Also, I recommend that everybody look for Patterns of Light on mormon messages. It's a fantastic series of videos with Elder Bednar and helped me learn a lot about personal revelation.

Well that's all for now! I love you all and am so greatful for your letters and your examples of faithful service in Christ's church and for your dedicated discipleship that you show through your actions. Have a great week!

-Elder Wilcox

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