Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Here We Go Again

Well, the time has come for cambios! Here's the scoop:

I'm staying here in good old Lota, and I will be joined by Elder Wood, a nice Canadian who was the companion of Elder Salas recently. Elder Aparicio will be heading to the middle of the mission to a small branch in Los Sauces, where he will be Branch President. An interesting new adventure and challenge for him and he's super excited.
I'm pumped as well because three of the missionaries that arrived with me will now be zone leaders, so I'll be seeing more of them. Cool! Elder Ramírez, my first son, will be training for a third time, and he will be my district leader! It's going to be a great zone and I'm excited. And it'll be interesting starting it all off with the festivities coming up for the 18th of September, Chile's independence day. Gotta say, Chileans are more patriotic than we are I think. They get three days off work for the occasion and start preparing a week early. It's like a mini Christmas, only less God and a lot more booze. Well, maybe that doesn't really count as patriotic, but they sure do like to celebrate! I'll let you know how the empanadas turn out.

Unfortunately I don't have much time to write this week. It's been crazy with the cambios and Elder Aparicio getting ready to leave and us getting ready to move houses! Yikes! Thank you all very much for writing. Elder Gooden, no worries about not being able to write hand written letters. Believe me, I understand completely. I will be happy reading your regular weekly letter.

Anna, hey! Sounds like a very major specific line up of classes. That's weird, I forget that when one has a little more time in university, one begins focussing in on the major. Are you really that much far ahead of me...? You're a junior! How was starting off this year? Has everything gone as you hoped? I sent off a letter to you, but I still don't have your new address, so I sent it to Oregon, sooo you'll get it...as soon as possible! I request your new address please! Thanks for writing :) Good luck this week!

Mom and Dad and fam, fun to hear about all the commotion with the grand kids. They must be so big now, I can't wait to see them!

Well that's about all I have time for this week. But I'm doing very well. I'm happy and hopeful. And my testimony continues to grow that God loves us and answers our prayers. I know he's answered mine and I'm so grateful for it. This is his work, and it's a marvelous work and a wonder. Have a great week everyone! I love you very much!

Elder Ross Wilcox, Esq.

With Elder Bowman who's leaving. He was in my first zone and a really fun elder who I'm going to miss
With Elder Lusk, my third Zone Leader in the mission, who had a very large impact on me in my first months in the field. A great example to me who I'm also going to miss a lot
We went to Subway in Concepción and to my delighted surprise, 20% Missionary Discount! Vamos Chile!
 Elder Aparicio burned a few photos of his ex girlfriend, haha.
 All ready for bed and cozy in the new blanket. Thanks, Mom!

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