Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Feliz 18!!!

First of all forgive me for not capitalizing anything. the shift key is really finicky on this computer and i've given up with it. that being said, feliz 18!!!!! its a beautiful day in lota and there's a lot of buzz and excitement in the streets as the people celebrate chilean independence day. it smells like barbacue everywhere and everybody's making empanadas. we celebrated today buy playing a sweet game of futbol on the brand new court they just finished building next to the chapel and sharing a delicious pichanga afterwards. no we're finishing up the p'day and wondering what the work is going to be like after 6pm with all of the drinking and fiestas. well we'll see what happens. surely there is a good family out there who doesn't drink and needs the gospel and will welcome us into the house with smiles and alfajores. that's the hope anyway.

so like i mentioned in the last email, yep, we moved houses on saturday. yes, im still zone leader with elder wood. but we left the disgusting mold filled cold apartment (pics to follow) for a delightful sun filled house in the center. for your info dad, we live in the corner of serrano and caupolicán. we love our new house!!! (pics also to follow)

The work is going really well. we're working our tails off with elder wood and we're excited to see the results. God has blessed us with a bunch of new good investigadores, and it's going to be a good cambio with him. i really like him a lot. i feel like i can be myself around him, we get along great, and we work hard. things are awesome.

Well that's all the time i have this week. i apologize. i really needed to write some converts this week since it had been a while. i leave you with my testimony that this work is true. that god is our heavenly father and that he has a plan for every oone of his children. i know christ lives, is our savior, and the only way we can find true hapiness and salvation. I love him dearly, and strive to emulate his example, and invite all to do the same. i live you now with awesome words of elder holland in his ces fireside talk this month (BIG thanks to anna for telling me about it. it made my week)

You never leave your religion at the door. Not ever.

Cool. lots of love to everyone and may you have a blessed week!

Elder Wilcox

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