Monday, October 22, 2012

City of Angels

Good morning, family! Thank you for your letters. I'm glad to hear everything turned out so well with the OK Coral even though it was stressful. Also VERY excited to hear that Dad and all the girls could run the race together. Very cool, and now that the whole family lives in Georgia, hopefully we can do it again with me next year!

Well, Dad, you're going to be pretty disappointed with me. I never did take photos of our new house in Lota or the surrounding area (I could not, for the LIFE of me, remember to do it. And every time I got to the ciber, I remembered that I hadn't done it). But alas, perhaps my old companion can send me some photos of it, because surprise surprise I'm not in Lota!

Yep, we had our tranfers just a little bit early (on Friday) since President has a meeting in Argentina right now. Sooo, I am now in Los Ángeles, in the sector of San Martín, zone of Los Ángeles Sur. (Direction of our house, the corner of San Martín and Berna). I'm now with Elder Badger, from California, who used to be in the Coronel Zone before as well. He's a stud and a fantastic missionary. He studied at Stanford before the mission, is a hard worker and super smart with the scriptures. I'm excited to learn a lot from him.

I arrived to Los Angeles at a good time as well. You were all right about the struggles I was having in Lota, that they would pass. And granted I'm in another sector now, but things have been going really well. We're currently teaching two families, and one of them (the Olave family) is super excited about it, and wants to learn more and come to church. We also have an outstanding ward here, which is a nice breath of fresh air from all of the struggles of the Lota Branch. Bishop Córdova here is the best bishop I've had in Chile so far, and the ward definitely has the missionary spirit, so we're excited to work a lot with the members and get lots of references. There's also a lot of reactivation to be done here, a lot of whom really want to come back to church. So yeah, I'm happy here, and really grateful to the Lord for the opportunity.

As for Lota, things actually did go pretty well the last week I was there too, and although I don't think it's likely that they'll have baptisms this month like we were hoping, Elder Wood and I were able to secure a lot of investigadors and I think November is going to bring a rich harvest. So I'm happy for them.

One thing I'm learning from Elder Badger and my moral for the week is that there's always something more we can do. I'm very impressed by the diligence of my new companion. He is constantly thinking about the work and the investigadors, constantly planning and thinking about what we can do, so it's been fun really getting deep into the work these last few days. (Tends to happen, actually, at the beginning of all transfers. That kind of constant over-drive attitude. Which is wonderful, but tends to wear off as the weeks go by.) But I get the feeling that that's just how Elder Badger is, so I'm hoping it doesn't wear off and I too can learn to be more diligent. There's always something more we can do.

Well, that's it for this week. I'm happy, healthy, and just trying to do the best I can and put my trust in the Lord. Being Zone Leader is definitely tiring, and being in a new zone and not knowing anyone a little intimidating, but it's all a great learning experience. (And it's a great zone by the way, which the token exception of one or two trouble sectors/companionships, but that's all part of it).

Thank you for your letters this week. And especially the fotos! I love love love hearing about and seeing the family. It brings so much joy to me. (Thank you Jennifer  for the experience you shared. I want you to know I really look up to you.) I love you all very much and hope you have a fantastic, very busy week (very busy means normal in the Wilcox family, aparently ;)

Elder Wilcox

P.S. I got the package you sent me by the way! Not the one with the suit yet, but the previous one, and I enjoyed it thoroughly and have the beatiful frame sitting on my desk. Thank you!!

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