Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Haha no, but seriously I'm SO PUMPED!! There were so many gasps among us as we watched the announcement. Aparently it was pretty surprising to the rest of the general authorities as well as Elder Holland in a press conference afterward mentioned that literally no one knew about it apart from the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve. I'm so excited that so many people know are going to consider serving missions that might not have done it before. I recommend it to everyone! They're also making some changes in the MTC. The foreign language program now is only going to be six weeks, I have heard, instead of nine. I remember when I was in the MTC, there was a test district who did that, so I guess it worked out well enough. Very very cool, exciting times. However, for those men who are considering when to serve now, I echo the words of Elder Holland who reminded the press that this is only an additional option, NOT an obligation to serve at 18. They did it so that those with specific circumstantial needs could serve more easily. It does not mean everyone is required to leave at 18, you can still do it at 19, but you have the option.
But yeah, it's going to be interesting in at BYU for a while. I wonder how many people I know will serve that otherwise wouldn't have. Hopefully everybody who has the posibility to serve and the desire does so, cause the world needs more missionaries! As Elder Holland said (yep, Anna, I did watch the press conference :)) the Lord is hastening His work!

Well, unfortunately, I forgot my study journal at home, so I can't talk about any specifics from Conference. But yeah it was basically the best thing ever. Every 6 months, I get more and more excited for Conference and then every time it goes by quicker! I just want more Conference! But then I guess there would be too much time learning, and not enough time to applying, which is the harder, more time consuming part. But my favorite sessions were the Priesthood session, especially Elder Christofferson´s talk, and Sunday morning Session, especially Elder Holland's talk.

Glad to hear there's so much good stuff going on in the family. A very very happy birthday to Jenn and Sterling as well! I can't believe your so old! I the Chileans say, veinte-siempre. Ashley, glad to hear there's progress on the mission papers. Keep me updated! Heather and Sam!! Congrats on the awesome job!!! I know you have been blessed by the Lord and may he continue to bless you in every aspect of your life. What exciting news! Anna!!! CONGRATS on the acceptance!! I did in fact say a prayer for you last week that you would get it, and I'm so glad you did! Definitely keep me posted on that one. Way to go girl.

Well, I'm sorry I'm lame again, but that's all there's time for today. I am healthy, I am happy. Being a missionary is great. I love you all and I love this work. It is God's work, and I'm so glad he lets us help Him, so we can learn to and have some of that joy. God bless you all and have a fantastic week!

Elder Wilcox

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