Tuesday, May 21, 2013

News from South Mouth

Thanks family for all the letters and exciting things that are happening all the way over there in good old Georgia. I'm happy that the book has been progressing a lot and that lots of people are interested. Keep up the great and inspired work!

Ashley, hang in there and work hard to finish your papers so you can get out there! The Lord's waiting for you! Excited for your progress.

Dad, in response to your question, I have no idea what else I might study. Perhaps choral music education, perhaps film, or even...could it be...business. Yeah, I've actually thought about administration. Not a lot, but a little. We'll see when I get back. Right now it's mission time!

Speaking of mission time, I'm happy to officially announce that I'll have more of it. I talked with President in my interview and confirmed it with the mission secretary. I will be finishing the mission on the 21st of October. Meaning that I would need to be on the plane heading back (if you didn't come to pick me up) on the 22nd, to get home by the 23rd. If you are able to come pick me up, which would be great, them I'm not sure how that works. But yeah, the 21st will officially be my last day in my sector. I got a whole nother transfer woohoo!!

Boca Sur is awesome, we're working hard and getting a lot of support from the members. We're working on activating a mom named Carolina, and her kids are coming to church too which is great. Her daughter Scarlet is preparing for baptism in June. We're trying to work with her husband, Ramón, but he's a little less receptive. He didn't come to church yesterday, so hopefully we can figure out how to help me join his family in this important step.

Life's good. I love being a missionary and working with the Lord in His vineyard. It is a joy collecting fruit for Him. The field is white and it's ready to harvest. I pray for the strength to thrust in my sickle with my might. Thanks, family for being the best family. Talk to you sooon!

Elder Wilcox

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