Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Like... a lot! Today was a lot of fun. We put on a big double zone activity (since there're two in Los Angeles), and it was a big success. We got together in the morning and did a short scripture study about Helaman 14 and Samuel's profecies of Christ's coming, after which we played some futbol. We also got permission to watch Home Alone which was awesome. We ate completos for lunch (we made 80 in total!), and did a secret santa gift exchange. A good time was had by all, our zone is more unified, and I'm happy everything turned out swell.

We also had our Stake Christmas program this last weekend, which received a standing ovation at the end (those that endured to the end), half because they liked it, and I think half because they were glad it was over. Not that it bad by any means. It was actually quite well executed, but it was very very very loooong. More than 3 hours nonstop long. But worth all the effort as we got some good references out of it, and fun to celebrate the spirit of Christmas in Chile once more.

Elder Badger and I are having a great time. This last week was a little rough and we had some challenges, but all in all things are good, and I couldn't love this ward any more. Tell Sis. Gally thanks for the great missionary idea all the way from Russia! I don't remember if I told you, but we're doing the same thing now through the whole stake. Invitation sunday that is. We have participation on a stake level and all the members in our ward are super pumped. We've handed out invitations to invite people (redundant, I know) and have been visiting the members a lot to encourage them. I really think it's going to be a huge success, and we expect to have a lot of people in Church this sunday.

Luis got baptized this saturday and confirmed on Sunday! It all went really well, and Luis is really happy. He's such a changed man, it's incredible, and makes me think of President Monson from Priesthood session when he said simply enough, "Men. Can. Change." Yup. God has worked some impressive miracles in Luis's life. He hasn't drank at all and doesn't even have the desire to. He looks happier, acts happier, and there's a new light in his eyes. He always liked the church but just always had a bunch of doubts. But when he first met with us, I think he just had a King Lamoni's dad moment, and despite not knowing everything, just gave up his will to God and said "whatever it takes to be saved, I'll do it. Whatever I have to give up, I'll give it up, and whatever I have to believe, I'll believe." He truly showed submission to God and pure humility in this process. And now, he's a new man. This Sunday, without us asking him to, showed up in a white shirt and a tie and a suit, and in priesthood even stood up front and gave his testimony. So we're thrilled, and excited to keep helping him in this important transition in his life.

Baptising is the best. It is such a testimony of the power of the Gospel and the atonement of Jesus Christ put into action. Being a missionary in general is the best, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Not even for a beautiful white Christmas like the one we watched in Home Alone, no matter how hard it tried to make us trunky! Haha. God bless everyone of you and have a beatiful last week before Christmas. See you next monday! (It's gonna be around 5pm Chile time by the way).

Elder Wilcox

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