Monday, December 10, 2012

Healing Waters

This week I saw a beautiful video made by the North Carolina Charlotte mission to try and inspire members to do missionary work. I touched me deeply and gave me an increased desire to work in the service of the Lord and search for His children that He is preparing to receive the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and the remission of their sins through baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. I invite you all to watch this video and reflect upon the way God prepares His children and uses us as a means to bring light to others' lives.

We've been very excited lately with a lot of support from the members here. We stole Stacey Gally's idea about Invitation Sunday and we're doing it in all of the wards in the whole Los Angeles South stake. We got the Stake President to email the bishops and the missionaries have talked with them to make this 23rd a very special day. During this Christmas season, in the midst of so much gift-giving and recieiving, a good question to ask ourselves is, "this Christmas, what gift shall we gift to the Savior." And what better way than inviting someone who does not know the Gospel, or someone who has strayed to attend church and participate of the Spirit of the Lord. All the members are really excited here to invite someone, and I'm confident it's going to be a fantastic sunday. I invite all of you as well to think about what gift you can give the Savior this Christmas, whether it be in terms of missionary work, or personal goals too.

The song in the video is called Healing Waters by Michelle Tumes, and I'm excited to see some healing waters here in San Martín this Saturday as well as Luis receives the remission of his sins and is born again. He's so excited and very prepared. I still can't believe who effortless the process with him was, and am only grateful to God for this blessing. The best part is, his friend Milton is going to baptize him! Fantastic.

Well, that's all for now. Sorry I didn't have time to respond directly to your emails.I actually have to print them out and read them later because the assistants gave us yet another fun report to do on monday.

So you know, the 24th we will be alowed to do skype, not on the 25th. So we'll be calling around 4 o clock Chile time. Get ready folks!

I love you dearest family and friends. Thank you for everything. Till next week.

Elder Wilcox

Chile has the sickest buses
 in Hualpencillo staying the night for Zone Leader Conference in one of the nicest missionary houses I've ever seen
 a rice and hot dog concoction that our token Spaniard, Elder Ramón, made
 a bunch of photos from a service project we did on saturday. President Martinez has a piece of land out in the country from Los Angeles right next to a house that our stake president has out there as well. So we went with President Montanares and a few missionaries to go cut grass and clean up the property. President Martinez has no idea, and he won't find out until the fotos show up in the slideshow during the christmas conference this month. Hehe.

 yesterday the Fuentes family made us an asado for much food. I love that family.

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