Monday, April 15, 2013

Blessings in Disguise

There are many in this world. We have to be positive enough to find them.

We were hoping Marta would be baptized this past weekend, but she had an unexpected trip to Los Angeles she had to make to meet with her attorney for a piece of land she owns there. Sooo, she will be getting baptized instead the 27th, which is actually better, because it means she can get baptized the same day as her daughter, Constanza. Marta is awesome though, and she told us she wants to sew her own dress from her baptism. We were astonished. Constanza is progressing really well too and came to chuch by her self yesterday (I mean, she's a big girl and everything, being 21), but it was the first time she had gone completely by herself, so it shows an important step of faith.

We're also working with a family that recently has been activated in the Church and are going a lot more. Their son, Bryan just got ordained to the office of Priest, so he will be baptizing his little brother, Diego on the 27th as well. Their family is really happy for them. And we are too!

I like being with Elder Torres. He's a deep thinker. Sometimes he thinks more than me, which is saying a lot, or maybe a little, I'm not sure, but he likes to analize things, and he's helped me to understand the importance of thoughts, and how they change our nature. We talk a lot about desire, and how it influences our actions and also how God responds to our prayers. Missionary work (or anything in life), can only be accomplished with great desire.

I thank you all for your letters and support. I love the fotos. Sam, man, you're looking buff. And you too, Heather! Congrats, Mom on a job well done with your presentations. I'm amazed that somehow you keep learning to do new things, just when I think you already now how to do it all. And Dad, thank you for your support and interest in my sector, I can't wait to show it all to you! Ashley, keep up the hard work with the mission papers and let me know how everything's going! You're gonna be great! Jenn, I love you and your family very much and am grateful for your efforts to be a Latter-day Saint Woman and mom.

I love you all, and pray for you in your endeavors. Have a great week. God is good!

Elder Wilcox

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