Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The New Testament

Is really awesome. I've been reading it a lot lately and am learning a ton. Since it's like 80 percent letters to recent converts, every page is just full of good advice about how to be a good saint and follow Christ. I feel like the Bible could be the "What" of the Gospel, announcing the message and telling us what to do. The Book of Mormon is easily the "why" as it explains the amazing plan of redemption and explains much more fully the bigger picture of it all. And I suppose the Doctrine and Covenants could be the "how," as it gives specific instructions on how to administer Christ's church in these latter-days. Together, the standard works and an insurmountable treasure, and I'm very grateful for them.

Thank you for your letters this week. I laughed out loud at many of your witty comments. I have always loved the Wilcox family sense of humor, typically literary in style, but almost always mixed with hint of irony. Thank you for examples, as always, of living and loving the gospel of Jesus Christ day to day.

The work roles forth hear. Elisa is progressing a ton, and seems like a natural in church now. She's still a little hesitant about when exactly to be baptised, as she's worried about the response from her parents. She and we all wish they would wake up a little bit spiritually, so they can see first hand the blessings it will bring to their lives..but step by step. We are positive Elisa will be baptised very soon.

We found a great new investigator the other day that is the mom of two young people we taught a few times a few months ago. They are Camila and Thomas. The mom is Fabiana, and she truly is prepared to receive the Gospel. Yesterday, in only our second lesson with her, she began to cry as she thought about the very personal call the Savior was making to her to repent and come unto him. At the beginning of the lesson, as we read from 3 Nephi 11, we asked her to not be like the nefites in that occasion, and pay attention to the Spirit as it tried to speak to her. She did just that, and it was a very tender moment. She accepted the invitation to be baptised, hoping that she can do it with her children as well.

More updates about Fabiana to come.

That's about it for right now. I'm out of time. I love you all very much and wish you the best of Wilcox (and Felsted and Shannon) weeks!

A big hug,
Elder Wilcox

With some CINNAMON ROLLS that a sister made for us. Like the third time I've had cinnamon rolls in Chile. 
 An epic study session about the Law of Moses. (we were preparing for a lesson with the Pacheco family)
 One of Elder Hanes's cool insect bites that swell up
 Rocío's baptism! Along with Pedro and Juan, who were also baptized.
 With Rocío and her two sons. The little girl is the Bishop's daughter that Rocío wants to marry her son haha.
A mountain of spaghetti
 Some fun goals for the week
 We made giant completos for P-Day last week
 Elder Sandoval turned 20, so we threw egg and flour on him, of course
 With Elder Bonnet!
 With my son, Elder Perez
 With three ex-comps at Lidership council (missing Elder Torres, he was busy in that moment)
 With Elder Jorquera. Lived with him for my last three weeks in Boca Sur
Nice 18 de Septiembre themed lunch. 
With President.

 The empenada

Cheeze-its on the way home from Council
 At Gatsby, an all you can eat buffet where we went for lunch today. Delicious..

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