Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Peruvian Independence Day!

Not really a day often celebrated in a mission in Chile, but since we live with a peruvian, we thought we'd do something. So in the chapel today we got together with all the missionaries from Temuco Cautín and ate a tradicional peruvian plate, Ají de Gallina. 'Twas delicious. Afterwards we watched Racket Ralph, some new disney movie that came out I don't know when. A good time was had by all.

Before I forget to mention: I have some important bits of info I want to share.

First, the mission office has changed, as you know. So do not send anything to the address in O'Higgins. The new address is:

Misión Chile Concepción Sur
Castellón 1063
Casilla 3560
Concepción, Chile

Second, I was thinking a little about the proposed flight schedule, and how with the trip to Santiago, we won't have a lot of time to tour the mission. So (hoping you haven't already bought the tickets, if so that's okay), I have an idea:

I'm really not all that interested in touring about Santiago, since it has no intrinsic value for me. More that anything it's the temple that calls my attention. So what if, instead of going to Santiago on the 12th, after a day of mission touring, we went on the 11th, the day after you pick me up? I assume that the only reason Santiago has two days on the schedule is so we can go to church, but if we spend just one day in Santiago to go to the temple and then come back to Conce the same day (this is on the 11th), then we could have the 12th and the 13th to tour the mission and go to church. It's not a big change, but it would bye us another day to see my old sectors, and the chance to go to church in one of them.
Again, don't know if it's posible, but I wanted to throw it out there. So to summarize, 10th pick me up and stay the night in Conce. 11th fly to Santiago, go to temple, fly back to Conce, stay the night in Conce. 12th tour the mission and perhaps I can even arrange a stay in a member family's house if we happen to be in the South. 13th go to church and tour a little bit more, stay the night in Conce. 14th fly to Lima. The end. Let me know what you think!

It was a pretty interesting week this week with a lot of trials. All six of the sisters from our zone got really sick with bronchitis, we were back and forth between our sector and their's, dropping off medicine and other things, so we lost some time from the work in our sector. But if felt good to help out, so no complaints. Thankfully the zone is in better physical health this week. We found a lot of new investigators with Elder Hanes, and now we're teaching a really cool couple too named Jaime and Jimena. They're really looking for the truth, and they did a great study of the Restoration pamphlet we left them. They seemed really interested in the last lesson about Christ's visit to the Americas. So hopefully we can progress with them and help them come to church so they can learn more.

Rocío and her son Joaquín continue to progress and came to church yesterday, although they have not accepted a new baptismal date yet. Rocío still feels like she needs to know more, even though she's read the entire Book of Mormon. So we tease her and tell her she's crazy, but we're understanding. I have faith that she'll be baptised in August.

That's about it really. I wish I could share a few other stories, but since we were in the Chapel for so long today, we don't have much time. So I'll leave you here.

Much love from Chile!

Elder Wilcox

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