Monday, July 15, 2013


I'm not in San Pedro anymore!

They called me on Monday and told me I'd be going to Temuco Cautín, the zone where I first began my mission, only in another sector.

So...Here I am, in Maquehue with Elder Hanes. The transfer came earlier than expected because Elder Badger (old comp) used to be here but had to go home early for studies.

I'm a little bummed not being in Boca Sur anymore, because it was a fantastic sector, and things were going great, and I kind thought I would finish there. But the Lord has other plans for me. So I'll be finishing down here in Temuco.

Even so, there are great blessings here too. We have an investigator named Rocío and her son, Joaquín. They found Rocío about 2 weeks back, and she's already on page 500 something in the Book of Mormon (in Spanish it's more than 600 pages). She's got a baptism date along with her son for the 27th of this month. Awesome!

The travel plans look great. I talked to the secretary, and she confirmed that yes, coming in on Wednesday and staying the night is the best option. She unfortunately doesn't have any specific details on what's gonna happen on Thursday, since I'm the only one going. Thanks for working in the Temple trip in Santiago, that'll be a really special experience. Also, I think we'll be able to fit in a solid tour of the mission in two days. It's really not that big of a mission anyhow, and all my sectors are fairly centralized and easily-accesible.

I got a new winter toggle coat today! Thank you for sending money! It's a nice coat originally 210 dollars but I got it on sale for 68. Now I look more professional. Yay!

Also, I had a question about my drivers license for when I get home. Since I got robbed almost two years ago, I don't have one. Is there a way of asking for a new one so I can have mine right when I get back?

Well, short on time this week as usual. Thank you for all the letters and fun photos. Time is quickly drawing to a close in my mission, but there is still much to do. So, the shoulder goes to the wheel! Have a great week being latter-day saints!

Elder Wilcox

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